Choosing a bicycle frame, made to measure

A frame built in tubes of the highest quality is not indispensable for a bicycle drive. However, its ratings are always related to the size of the owner.

Too big or too small frame does not allow a balanced position machine, without which it is not performing well.To guide you in purchasing a bicycle frame made to measure, this is a matching table runner size / height of the frame:

160 à 165 cm 50 à 52 cm
165 à 170 cm 52 à 54 cm
170 à 175 cm 54 à 56 cm
175 à 180 cm 56 à 57 cm
180 à 185 cm 57 à 58 cm
185 à 190 cm 58 à 60 cm

Frame height “H” is measured from the axis of the bottom bracket shell, at the junction formed by the two axes of the horizontal tube and the seat tube. It is important to make clear to the builders your measurements.

Today, builders for competition produce beautiful, well designed and well balanced frames. Therefore, only the height should guide the choice.

If you are still growing or if you have long legs for your height, you may want to consider a slightly larger frame than it is recommended above.


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