Who is Jeanot le Mécano ?

Jeanot le mécano

Jeanot le Mécano is a mechanic in bicycles and motorcycles. He started it at the age of 12 years with the father of one of his friends who was a Motobécane‘s concessionary. He explained everything to them.

In 1965, Jeanot started working as an apprentice in Beau Soleil (JAWA agent BMW concessionary). The owner was Mr Michel Hervé, former pilot plant and preparer motorcycles JAWA, rue saint Sabin in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

Before his military service in 1969, Jeanot le Mécano worked at Bobillot Motorcycles BMW, Triumph and BSA agent, with Mr Louis Brot a former Motobecane tester and a former workshop manager at BMW France. He completed an internship and a training on BMW series: 2, 5,6,7.

1975, Jeanot worked at Mr Grandjean Lucien Motobécane concessionary. He took over the concession in 1982 as Motobécane Peugeot concessionary and JAWA agent and repairs all brands of motorcycles.

Now retired, he decided to share 51 years of experience repairing two wheels.